Small Business Advocate Program FAQs

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What is the Small Business Advocate Program?
The Small Business Advocate Program is a fast and easy way for you to generate income. If you have a website, you can earn money by promoting Web Hosting and Merchant Solutions, which offers highly-popular, world-class hosting and domain services, using banner and text links provided by Yahoo Small Business. Every time a visitor clicks a link on your site to go to Web Hosting or Merchant Solutions and then becomes a new Web Hosting or Merchant Solutions customer, you earn commissions.
How do I join?
It's easy! First, you must read and accept the terms of the Commission Junction Publisher Agreement to apply to become a Commission Junction Publisher. Then, you must read and accept the terms of our Advocate Program Agreement to apply to become a Small Business Advocate. If you're accepted, just copy and paste the provided HTML codes onto your website to display links to Small Business. The links will contain a unique account code to credit you for subscriptions that are generated from your site. When a visitor clicks on one of these links and purchases a subscription for Web Hosting or Merchant Solutions, Commission Junction will track your code, calculate your commissions, and provide you with real-time reporting and monthly commission checks.
What is 's policy on adult content?
The Small Business Advocate Program prohibits sites with adult content and reserves the right to audit and review member sites for compliance with our policies. If your site(s) are deemed objectionable, we reserve the right to reject an application or revoke a site's membership at any time. Please see our Advocate agreement for further information on our adult content policy.
Can I participate if I live outside the U.S.?
Yes. We welcome Small Business Advocates from many countries so long as they primarily target U.S. customers. Please be aware, however, that the Web Hosting and Merchant Solutions service is for U.S. residents only and that customers who subscribe to our service must pay in U.S. dollars.
Is a website required to become a member?
Yes. If you do not yet have a website, please apply after your website is live and fully functional. Without a website, we have no means of evaluating your application.
Who will manage and administer the Small Business Advocate Program?

We've teamed with Commission Junction to provide you with trusted third-party tracking, real-time reporting, and monthly commission payments. Once you are accepted into the Commission Junction Publisher network and accepted into our Small Business Advocate Program, you'll be taken to Commission Junction's site to create your own secure, password-protected account.

Your Commission Junction account will give you access to various Small Business text and banner links, as well as pre-approved promotional copy. Additionally, you will have the ability to view your account activity, calculate your commissions earned based on active customer leads, and run reports that provide statistics on all your activities, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What if forget my login name and/or password?
If you have forgotten your login name or password, call Commission Junction at (800) 761-1072 and ask for Client Services. Alternatively, send an email to requesting your account information.
What if I have more than one website?
You may refer traffic and earn rewards using more than one site, subject to the same terms of the Advocate Program Agreement. To add multiple sites to your account, log in to your Commission Junction account and add additional sites under website Settings on the Account tab.
What are my responsibilities as a Small Business Advocate?
All you need to do is to drive potential subscribers from your existing customer base to Web Hosting or Merchant Solutions that are new to Small Business. Keep in mind that Small Business is a leading online service that offers world-class, reliable solutions to get small businesses online and growing with ease. That means you're referring potential subscribers to highly-popular products, backed with Yahoo Small Business credibility on the Internet, and that makes it easier for you to succeed! To keep track of how your links perform, be sure to follow the statistics of your site's performance via your Commission Junction account.
What are the responsibilities of Small Business?
We will provide you with the tools and support you need to maximize sales across your site. We'll provide effective, high-performing banners and text links. On our side, we employ innovative strategies for converting visitors into Small Business subscribers. Also, we continually strive to enhance the Small Business products, to offer compelling, world-class online small business services at great values.
When does payment start?
Payments will be issued on the 20th of the month for any subscriptions that have met the 60 day maturity and other requirements by the last day of the immediately prior calendar month.
How can I cancel the program after signing up?
To formally end your relationship with the Small Business Advocate Program, log into your Commission Junction publisher account. On your account home page select Small Business from the "My Advertisers" drop down menu, and click "Go". This will open the program detail page. At the bottom of the detail page you will find the "Expire" button. Click "Expire" to terminate your relationship. You are required to remove links from your site and will no longer be eligible to receive any commissions from Small Business from the termination date.
How can I contact the Small Business Advocate Team?
If you have additional questions not covered in this FAQ section, please email Small Business Advocate Program.
Can I bid on the keyword "Web Hosting, Merchant Solutions, or Small Business"?

Yes, as an Advocate partner, you may bid on the name Web Hosting, Merchant Solutions, Small Business, or Store, if in your listing (title or description) you: (1) identify yourself as an Advocate (denoted by Adv, Advoc., Advocate, etc. in the text of the ad) and, (2) link directly to the Small Business website (and related Web Hosting or Merchant Solutions pages) or a similar Web Hosting web address approved by .

In other words, if you advertise using the term "Web Hosting" you cannot link to a page that offers information or links to any Web Hosting competitor, unless it's an objective service-comparison site (more on this later).

Can I bid on generic keywords?

Yes, you can bid on popular, generic, non-trademarked keywords (e.g. "Web Hosting, hosting) and use the name Web Hosting in the title or description of your ad. But you must link directly to either (1) the Small Business Website, (2) a page on your site that primarily promotes Web Hosting (meaning more than 50% of the presence on the site), or (3) an objective service-comparison site, with Web Hosting as one of the represented services.

In other words, if you bid on generic terms and include Web Hosting in the advertisement, you must link to the Small Business site, or a page that primarily promotes Web Hosting, or an objective service comparison site.

What you cannot do is advertise on a term like "hosting", use the Web Hosting name in your ad, while linking directly to a competitor's site, or to a page on your site that does not primarily promote the Web Hosting service.

Commissions and Payments

How much will I be paid?

You'll be paid 45% of subscription fees actually received from every eligible new Small Business Web Hosting and/or Merchant Solutions subscribing customer that has met the minimum requirements, including being an active, paying customer for at least 60 days. You will continue to get paid every month a customer remains an active, paying customer of the original product purchased from your site.

Please note that you will not be paid commissions on subscriptions that are not made in good faith, including, but not limited to, using any device, program, robot, I-frames, hidden frames, JavaScript pop-up windows, or redirects, and that chargebacks may be effected for refunds, fraudulent transactions, etc., or for any subscriptions that are cancelled, refunded, charged-back, or otherwise terminated or able to be terminated by , within the first 60 days of a subscription's life.

See the Small Business Advocate Program Terms for complete details.

Your Links to Small Business

How do I find and add Small Business links to my website?
After you log into your account at, go to the Small Business section. Once there, choose from an assortment of banners and text links, and copy the HTML code to your site. If you have technical questions, please call Commission Junction's Client Services at (800) 761-1072.
Am I required to place a link on my website?
While it is not a condition of joining our Small Business Advocate Program, you cannot earn commissions without adding a link to your site.
Where should I place Small Business links on my website?
Place Small Business links in areas where visitors to your site are most likely to see them. We suggest placement on your homepage, or other high-traffic pages. We suggest placing the links strategically where your site's content is relevant to small business owners looking to get online and build a website or online store. By putting these links in relevant areas of your site, your visitors will be more likely to click through and subscribe.
What if I experience problems with links or difficulty tracking?
For technical questions like this, contact Commission Junction at (800) 761-1072 and ask for Client Services.
How often should I change Small Business banner and text links on my site?
We encourage you to change links occasionally to keep your site fresh for visitors. Understanding your visitors' preferences will maximize click through to Small Business, improving your earning potential.
Can I publish your subscription prices on my site?
No. As prices, terms, and options are subject to change, we will only honor subscription prices listed on the Small Business site and not prices, special offers or discounts made by Small Business Advocates on theirreferring websites. If you have a request in regards to creating promotional content on your site dedicated to Web Hosting or Merchant Solutions, please contact forconsideration.
Tracking and Reporting
You will receive payment via Commission Junction on the 20th day of each month for commissions earned and reported in the prior month.
How do I find out how many clicks and impressions are generated from each link?
Sign into your account and select "Run Reports". Statistics and account activity are updated daily and running reports will tell you how effectively your links perform.
How do I know how many sales and commissions I have earned?
To see how you have been performing in our program, view the statistics posted under your account at Commission Junction under "Run Reports". You can also generate and customize transaction reports for a specific period of your choosing.

Email Restrictions

What is Small Business' policy on running my own email campaigns?
You cannot use the Small Business, Web Hosting, or Merchant Solutions name, links or messaging in email-based marketing campaigns without the prior written consent of Small Business. If you are interested in starting an email campaign, or have other creative ideas in this area, please contact us at: